Our Sailing Living Lab project keeps incorporating technological projects, as the Acrobat, the sailing vessel that serves as its base, adds nautical miles to its sailing baggage.

In the waters of the Gibraltar Strait we have found a special welcome. The entire Andalusian coast and the autonomous city of Melilla has received us with interest and closeness in all the events organized on several maritime clubs.

Those events were covered by the local media, such as Melilla Television, which broadcasted an extensive report on our project, with a long interview with our captain and CEO of the project Diego de Miguel, made through the sailing from Melilla to Cala Blanca, west of the Cabo de las Tres Forcas.

Link to video

Also Cartagena Tv dedicated a space to our project as well.

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In addition, Diego de Miguel has had the opportunity to intervene several times in the weekly Onda Vasca´s nautical show Itsas Tantak, directed by Edu Araujo, always interested in our project and in chatting about boats, seas and life itself.

Link to interview 1

Link to interview 2

A few months before, before the crossing to the African Continent, Canal Sur Radio interviewed Diego, as Acrobat sailed near Capo de Gibraltar.

Link to interview 3

Also the press published articles of Acrobat´s adventures in the Strait.




We hope to receive attention also in the new activities, like the one that we recently organized with the Olympic medalist Theresa Zabell: