During the month of November and beginning of December, the Acrobat is in the dry dock of Almerimar, where its captain and CEO, Diego de Miguel, makes repairs and applies the self-polishing antifouling of TITAN YATE TITANLUX  on the ship’s hull. Finishing the preparation for the crossing to the Canary Islands, which will take place in January.

During these weeks, Diego has had time to attend to the media, especially to the always interested in the Sailing Living Lab project, Edu Araujo, director of the Itsas Tantak program at Onda Vasca.

On November 5, Edu Araujo interviewed Diego de Miguel, captain of the Acrobat and CEO of the Sailing Living Lab project, Javier Ferrón, from the  Guardia Cilvil´s Special Subaquatic Activities Group (GEAS), y a Paco Carrión, and Paco Carrión, specialist  in cartografy of the seabed from Granada University. The three explain the expedition made on board the Acrobat to inspect a wreck in the waters of the Autonomous City of Melilla with one of the submarine robots of the startup NIDO Robotics.


On the 19th, the Acrobat captain and CEO of the Sailing Living Lab project, Diego de Miguel, participates again in the Itsas Tantak program, which Edu Araujo presents on a weekly basis at the Onda Vasca broadcast. This time he is accompanied by Paula Gonzalvo, author of the blog Allende los Mares nd partner of Sailing Living Lab for the launch of the  I Astronomical Position Competition (Cádiz-Lanzarote crossing) in which a fleet will compare its measurement data daily with sextant with those offered by the GPS of the technological boat. The adventure will be recorded to mount a documentary with the collaboration of the CPA, technological partner of the project, y Artesanos Multimedia.


Cartel I Campeonato de Posición