News from the Acrobat at Onda Vasca

Diego de Miguel, Acrobat captain and CEO of the Sailing Living Lab project, has been invited once again by the Itsas Tantak program in Onda Vasca to tell the news form our nautical and research adventure.

Complete interview

Diego reviewed along with Edu Araujo, the presenter of the program, the latest Acrobat adventures since the completion of the Corona de Aragón Route in summer until the arrival in Andalucian waters, where Acrobat arravid to in autumm to undertake the necessary repairs so it could continue withh the project in optimal conditions.

We have taken advantage of the stay of our boat in the south of the Iberian Peninsula to explain the experience and the project in several conferences in Cadiz or Seville, where Diego and his anecdotes have been very well received.

During this tour through Andalusian coast we have participated in regattas, as a jury boat and also in competition, we have arranged and repainted the hull, we have faced bad winter weather in Cadiz and now we are sailing up the Guadalquivir. All this while waiting for the good weather and the project to regain all its vigor and return to the high seas.