Diego de Miguel was interviewed again on the weekly nautical radio show «Itsas Tantak» broadcasted by Onda Vasca to explain the last news from the Acrobat, his boat. This time, he shared the interview with the nautical archeologist, Celia González.

Full Interview

Edu Araujo, Itsas Tantak director, asked about the last stages in the Acrobat route, this time around the Andalusian Coast. Diego has been sailing from port to port, giving informative talks about his project, Sailing Living Lab, in Almería and even reaching the coast os the region of Murcia, in Cartagena.

Acrobat is currently moored at Melilla after a beautiful crossing of the Alboran Sea from Almería to the african coast. Celia Gonzalez was also onboard through the crossing, developping her own project of nautical archeology. She explains her project in this interview and in this article.

Here you can watch a video Celia herself recorded and edited summarizing that crossing.

The future short-term plans are to stay some weeks in Melilla to continue the collaboration with Celia and taking parte in some of the nautical projects the city is promoting lately, in a firm intent to develop the potencialities the sea brings.

Between those projects outstands the Acrobat participation in the Offshore Race «Two Continents»