Quality, innovation and service were the main principles on which Joaquín Folch Girona founded his new company in the beginning of the XXth century. This philosophy has remained at the core of what we strive to achieve in our work now and in the future at Titanlux. It has also allowed us remain at the top of our field for almost 100 years. Over 500 products are produced for DIY, professional and industrial purposes, as well as fine arts and yachting. We have almost 10.000 references which meet the needs both of the general public and professional users.

Respect for the environment in the industrial activity of TITAN is an essential part of our work. This is recognised throughout the process of manufacturing within the company, from the labaratory right up until the ready-to-use manufactures coatings. This attitude has helped the company to achieve the quality and ecological excellence certificates AENOR and ISO 9001.
Cleaner, more efficient and dynamic production are the three basic aims of Titan Manufacturing plants now and in the future.

«For Industrias TITAN not going forward, means going backwards»

Collaboration with Sailing Living Lab

Industrias Tital collaborates with Titan Yate. The Yachting Line is composed of a range of products especially designed to obtain excellent results in the protection and decoration of surfaces submitted to marine environments and extreme weather conditions.

We have applied several of its products in different parts of the Acrobat:

  • Water-Based paint stripper
  • Epoxy primer (thin coat and thick coat)
  • Self-Polishing Antifouling (medium speed)