SolarFace by Tecnalia is a composite material that integrate- s photovoltaic solar cells, acquiring the ability to generate renewable energy. It can configure components for very diverse applications: building and urban environment, transport and infrastructures, low-power devices, space and so on. Photovoltaic energy is nowadays cost-effective for the consumer, and will be even more so in the future, when we compare to other conventional energy sources. SolarFace delivers enhanced performance against conventional solutions:

  • Multifunctionality, it combines structural and photovoltaic characteristics
  • Light-weight
  • Excellent specific mechanical properties
  • Efficiency comparable to conventional solutions
  • Great integration
  • Configuration of monolithic structures. SolarFace can be adapted to the customer’s needs
  • Design flexibility (geometry, shape)
  • Diversity of finishing choices
  • Possibility to create complex and non-planar geometries
  • Modularity. SolarFace is easily installed
  • Maximum integration
  • Low weight
  • Ease of handling

This innovative technology involves important cost reductions in transport and installation.
It is a translucent composite material combining:

  • A glass-fiber reinforcement material, that confers the mechanical performance to the product
  • A transparent, thermoset resin
  • Photovoltaic cells for electric power generation

This combination results into a FRP (a structural material), with the added functionality of photovoltaic electricity generation.

Sailing Living Lab testing

We are testing SolarFace in the deck of our sailboat. We have designed and manufactured 3 pieces adapted to the deck that you can see in the next pictures: