At OceNav we are specialised  to solve communication problems between navigation instruments. Our ATM105 is the most versatile  and powerful «Multiplexer / Gateway» device in the market. It has a WiFi access point as standard throughout the range, and adds «performance» functions in the processing. As Gateway, it allows the easy integration of diverse equipment thanks to its ability to translate «messages» between the different protocols used by manufacturers in fully multidirectional mode. It allows to integrate new equipment such as an AIS, or a high performance navigation programs that runs on a PC or tablet, to the present  data network of your ship. ( such as the complete and Free Open-CPN, or MaxSea Timezero among others).

OceNav also offers a remote control, which maximizes the electronics installed on board. The remote control acts as a duplicate of the control panel of the autopilot, with a keypad that will be very familiar, but also receives all the navigation data and displays them on its small screen, further improving the versatility of the equipment.
 The co-working with Sailing Living Lab is being done with our product ATM 105-C2 with remote control.