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IDN- Naval Research and Development is a company specialized in solving and preventing corrosion problems in boats. Our philosophy focuses on PREVENTION. We raise this concept to another level, remotely monitoring the status of cathodic protection and connecting our alarms to the user ́s mobile phone. We conduct consultancy studies of corrosion in boats to propose and develop tailored solutions that are more efficient than the conventional ones. IDN manufactures impress current cathodic protection systems that adapt to all boat sizes as the solutions are designed to minimize power consumption, to create a better regulation of the protection and to eliminate the annual maintenance of sacrificial anodes.

We can see in this picture how the system is installed in a boat


In addition, we offer our patented «galvanic harbour protection» a system that allows us to connect our vessel to the harbour’s electrical network with full guarantee. It consists of a galvanic isolator with a higher potential barrier, of more than two volts, that will protect the boat from most of the current leaks that may appear through the ground wire, an alarm system that allows remote detection of the direct currents that could overcome the device’s protection barrier and a module to connect / disconnect our boat from the harbour network just by a button on our mobile phone.

Images from the galvanic protection and its control unit.

We also focus our efforts on developing and making available to our clients solutions to reduce the maintenance of the waterline and increase the energy efficiency of the boats through LED lighting and the development of new batteries for the sector. In Acrobat we have installed the latest versions of this equipment with satisfactory results. In this video we explain how it works:


You can download the catalogue here.