Doctor Agua

Doctor Agua is the Doulton filter distributor in Spain. Doulton, that was set up in England in 1827, is the worldwide pioneer and leader of ceramic water filters and exports its products to more than 140 countries.

Simple, effective, reliable, ecological, economical and with a long life products is the secret of Doulton water filters success.

If you want to have water rich in mineral salts and free of: pathogenic bacteria, cysts, chlorine, sediment, chemical residues, heavy metals, flavors and odors, you can have this result in many ways, but for a boat, next roules are very important: not to spend energy and not to waste not a milliliter of fresh water in the purification process. Thus Doulton filters are the best option: a simple filtration system with its unique ceramic coated in ionized silver and with solid active carbon heart.

Using water treatment systems in your boat, you will save a lot of money and you will be part of the solution, not part of the problem of the great impact that plastic produces to the environment of the whole planet.