Acrobat is a Sigma 38 sailboat. It has a 12 meter draft, with 3 cabins (two astern and one abaft), and can accommodate 8 persons.  It is the Sailing Living Lab project operational base for its maritime voyage.

The Sigma 38 class,  developed in the United Kingdom, was specifically designed to withstand the local sailing conditions.

Acrobat participated to many prestigious regattas such as the Rolex Middle Sea Race and the Grand Prix of the Atlantic, where it obtained excellent ratings.

Acrobat can as well be used as a pleasure boat, which justifies its choice as Sailing Living Lab headquarters.

Sailing Living Lab Global route

For sailing around the world on a sailboat we must choose the route with the most favorable winds and currents, the trade winds are our greatest allies. Moreover the trip it is conditioned by the season in which we navigate in every ocean. For example it is dangerous to navigate the North Atlantic Ocean between June and November, because it is hurricane season. That’s why sailors do not start the passage by this ocean until mid-November, as we see in this route planning by the great sailor Jimmy Cornell, or the prestigious regatta ARC (Atlantic Rally for Criusers).

Another factor to consider is piracy, very active in the Strait of Malacca, in the Horn of Africa and other dangerous areas that we will avoid, as described in the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre.

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