OceanDrivers is a company created to fill the connectivity gap between ocean data and people; focusing towards providing professional products and services for targeted data customers. We see ourselves as “drivers” of ocean data connectivity. The concept behind our role is to connect these sources of information to advanced web-based viewing and distribution tools. We also provide simple tools that could be used by research centres and private companies of any size.

OceanDrivers aims to work across the full data life-cycle: from the Ocean to the Internet, managing both observing platforms and forecast information. The starting point is to provide a “data oriented” solution for the observing platform, changing the current concept of “platform oriented” software development. OceanDrivers has the knowledge and experience to change any existing platform into a “plug and play” data gatherer and to fit it to web based catalog products in order to make this data discoverable by the final users.

Collaboration with Sailing Living Lab

The collaboration with Sailing Living Lab has been stablished with 2 products: easywind and Ocean Web Weather.


Our collaboration is based in tests and promotion. It was intalled Tokyo Edition prototype version (wich was beeing designed forr next Olympic Games at Tokyo, as an evolution of the system thar more than 10 teams used in Rio Olympic Games) and was tested along tje coast of Andalusia (southern Spain, Atlantic and Mediterranean) in 2016 summer and spring seasons.

Developed by OceanDrivers and VMG Electronics + Electrical, is focused to coaches. It is based in an ultrasonic sensor that can send us information about wind speed and direction.

The hardware has been designed to be easy to install and robuts. The software has been specially designed for coaches, simplifying the information transferred to the sailors moreover providing a user friendly interface and an optimised usability within a boat environment.
It also has another sensors like: GPS, compass, gyros, thermometer and barometer. With them we can have information about: position, speed and course over ground, magnetic heading, angles of sheet and pitch, temperature and atmospheric pressure.

It allows to connect via Wi-Fi any mobile device that we have on board.

In addition, if we have internet access from the boat, all information can be sent anywhere in the world and in real time.

For example, when sailing from Chipiona to Seville, Oceandrivers was able to follow our navigation in real time, as shown in the following images published on Facebook.

You can download easywind brochure in this link.


Ocean Web Weather consists in a web section which displays and makes available advanced ocean weather information within an existing port/sailing club website. This provides direct Real-Time and Onsite weather information for the website’s and port’s users, without having to follow links to external sites.

The aim is to substitute existing static sections, which link to other weather sites, and provide instead useful and accurate information which will add value to the website and the port’s or sailing club’s users.