The crew of the Sailing Living Lab will be a very special one. As well as steering the boat, we will validate various technological applications installed on board and promote their knowledge in the countries we will visit.

The human factor is the main quality of a crew to insure successful cohabitation on a sailboat.. The love of the sea, the passion for sailing and the ability to speak languages are essential qualities. Furthermore, diving, fishing and cooking are always welcome on a boat.

The Captain


The captain is responsible for the boat and for the scientific and technological projects on board. He knows about sailing, R&D management and communication.

In the case of the Sailing Living Lab (SLL) project, the Captain Diego de Miguel will also be the president of the SLL Foundation that will give a legal status to the project. This requires knowledge and experience in business management.

We want the Sailing Living Lab project to grow. What begins now with a single ship, the Acrobat, will eventually expand in the future to a fleet composed by several ships, captains and crews operating in different seas and oceans at the same time, and with several parallel projects.


El Navegante

The captain needs a crew to help and to complement him, and a good sailor is essential. Diego de Miguel is a professional of the business and technology world. The sea has always been a hobby for him and he enjoys sailing with professional sailors, believing this is the best way to continue learning the art of navigation.

The navigator position is currently is vacant. If you’re a professional of cruise sailing (regatta skipper and / or instructor) and you like our project, you are welcome on board.


Jefe de Sistemas

Together with the captain, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) will be responsible for the validation of technological applications, for the scientific experiments and for Living Lab activities on land.

He will also help in sailing tasks as a sailor.

The CTO position is currently vacant. If you have a background in science and technology, with knowledge in R&D and some experience in sailing, you are welcome on board.


marinero técnico

The main task of the sailor-technician is to help the Captain and the Navigator to handle the boat along with the CTO.

His/her secondary function is to help the Captain and the CTO in the technical tasks of the Living Lab.

If you have experience in sailing and some technical knowledge, you can embark on one of the scales of our trip.



In the style of the Volvo Ocean Race, reporter will sail with us on the Acrobat.

He / she will be responsible for communicating to the large public about the advancement of our trip and the results of the experiments and working sessions that will take place on the Living Lab. All this is is critical to get sponsors.

The reporter will take photos, make videos, write press releases, update the Blog section of the web and social networks and will be responsible for the communication with the media. 



In some parts our trip, we will invite people outside the world of sailing to embark with us on Acrobat.Our guests will include celebrities from the world of travel and adventure, from science and technology and also partners and sponsors.The spanish alpinist Carlos Pauner will be our first guest on board. 


Nelson-diegoDiego de Miguel Murillo is a mechanical engineer who has developed his career within companies linked to high technology, he is the entrepreneur and captain of the Sailing Living Lab project.

Diego has been sailing since the age of 7. He has been repeatedly dinghy sailing regional champion in the Aragón Spanish provinceTechnology-based entrepreneur, he created his first company, Admotion, at the age of 28. At that time, he developed an innovative security intercom for elevators based on videoconference currently marketed by Otis elevators.

After years of professional experience in companies related to technology, Diego undertakes this project combining his passion for the ocean with the wish to contribute to the global technological development in a more efficient way.

Do you want to be one of the Captains of our project? If you have a similar profile to Diego´s one, and are interested in this position, you can enroll yourself with us. The most important of any project are the people, but we must be replaceable to ensure the continuity of the project in time. Diego may be sick, or having to address issues in land: family, foundation … and this project can not stop!


Felice Gusso

Felice-GussoFelice Gusso, italian professional sailor from Caorle-Venezia.

He began his career in 1977 and he has worked for companies like: Gente di Mare and Affaires Maritimes. He has worked in fishing boats between 1977 and 1985, and in sailboats from 1985 until today.

He has sailed more than 200.000 nm. as a capitán or as a sailor on board sailboats between 30´ and 90´ length.

He has crossed the Atlantic Ocean 18 times, sailed around the world twice and brought several boats from the the Pacific to Europe.

He participated in Mini Transat (solo transatlantic race) in 1995 with the sailboat: “Città di Caorle”, finished in 13th place.

He has participated 4 times in the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) Regatta, with the results: 1st line Honors (Akoya, 2007), 3rd racing B (Tike, 2009), 1st racing B (Tike, 2011).

He has also competed in many other races, double and solo, as: Fastnet, Transguascoine, and several 500×2 in the Adriatic (1st in 1995 and 1st line Honors in 2008).

He is also a strong defender of the environment, actively participating in the group: «Comitato Difesa Caorle Territory».

Carlos Freire

Carlos FreireCarlos Freire, originally from Vigo, has been living in Valencia since 2005. He is an Electronics Engineer (University of Zaragoza) and founder of VMG (2007). Carlos handles electronics and electrical projects on Grand Prix sailing boats, Maxi yachts and Super Maxi yachts. He has been in charge of electronics for teams such as Iberdrola and Oracle in the 32nd and 33rd America’s Cup.

Carlos has been sailing since he was 8… >From Dinghy sailing (Optimist, Moth Europa, Snipe and Láser) to top competiting vessels in an array of classes: TP52, Wally, Soto40, GP42 etc… Among his most noteworthy achievements, Carlos has been a European Champion four times in the Soto40 and GP42 class; third in the S40 World Championship, winner of the Copa del Rey three times; and Champion of Spain in the IMS600 twice.

Do you want to be one of our Navigators?

If you’re a professional of cruise sailing (regatta skipper and / or instructor) and you like our project, you are welcome on board.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us!

CTOs (Chief Technology Officers)

lucioLucio Bellomo

Lucio Bellomo, electronics and telecommunications engineer, Italian but above all Sicilian, PhD in RADAR technology, worked in France as a researcher for the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography and as a professor for the Toulon University. He embarked for oceanographic cruises several times in quality of physical oceanographer: among others, in Spain on the Research Vessel García del Cid, in Italy on the Urania, in Greece on the Philía, and in France on the L´Alatante crossing the Pacific from New Caledonia to French Polinesia.

He is the Chief in charge of electronic and informatic systems onboard the Acrobat.

Furthermore, being a PADI SCUBA diving instructor, he’ll be in charge of planning and executing any diving activities that will be undertaken during the voyage.

His passion for freediving and his experience in apnea spearfishing will provide the crew with fresh fish whenever the hooks won’t be effective.

¿Would you like to be a CTO of Sailing Living Lab?

Lucio joins us in various stages of our trip and we will need more people with a similar profile to complete the crew on the stages that Lucio will not be able to come with us. So you can write us if you want to participate in any stage of the trip.


Gamo Murillo Gamo Murillo

Basque navigator who began to sail and race in regattas with the As de Guía sailing school. He dominates all positions on the boat, but is the bow where he highlights. Pleasure Boats Skipper, has turned to the Iberian peninsula and transported sailboats to places like: Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia and France.

He will be a good Sailor-Technician, because in addition to his sailing knowledge and experience, he is an expert in boats maintenance and repairing.

Do you want to sail with us as a Sailor-Technician?

Tosca will sail with us on our test trip through the Mediterranean, during the summer of 2016.

Gamo will came with us in some stages of the journey around the world. We will need more people to complete this important position of the crew.

Contact us if you want to came to sail with our team as a Sailor-Technician!


Tosca Ballerini

ToscaTosca Ballerini, marine biologist and journalist, sailor and diver. A versatile member of the crew, she could fill the positions of sailor-technician and reporter.

Tosca has a PhD in Polar Biology and a master degree in online journalism. She worked at the University of Siena, at Old Dominion University and at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography studying seabirds population dynamics and changes in marine food webs under climate change. She trained as scientific journalist at French newspaper «Le Monde«.

Her multiple competences will allow her to work both in navigation and research tasks.


PaunerCarlos Pauner

Carlos Pauner will be our first guest. Chemist, Pilot and Himalayist from Aragon (Spanish region), has climbed the 14 mountains above 8,000 m. altitude of our planet m. a.

His leadership capacity and spirit of achievement will be an incentive for the entire crew.

He will on board during Mediterranean tour in the summer of 2016 and will be our chief of expeditions.

Gamo Murillo Fernando de Miguel

Fernando de Miguel, Diego´s father, is a retired businessman. He studied Chemistry at the University of Zaragoza and had several businesses in his company: installations for water treatment (filtration, chlorination and purification), chemical coatings for metal parts (phosphating and zinc plated) and distribution of fiberglass and polyester resin.

He taught sailing to Diego when he was a child and now will accompany us on some of the stages of the journey.

As he gives a lot of orders, he will be the Admiral of the crew.