Our crew, in addition to steering the ship, must validate the technological applications on board and disseminate the new data in the countries where we make a stop.

Since the beginning of the project, we have been accompanied by different friends, sailors, engineers, doctors, divers, climbers … All with a common goal: love for the sea and sailing, and interest in technology as the basis for creating a better society for everyone.

Our boat, Acrobat II (Amel Sharki), is constantly travelling from one port to another. In each of the visited ports we try to execute several activities related to the project (Informative talks and open-days).

We are proud to share our boat trips with friends and followers which can make a contribution to the project or even collaborate in developing new projects.

Let us introduce you some collaboration examples already performed:


Lucio Bellomo

Lucio is an oceanographic physicist and university professor of electronics.

He abandoned his fixed position at the University in order to devote his life to the activities he feels more passionate for: sailing and diving.

He has undertaken projects, as beautiful as innovative, as an example: “33 Isole” a single-handed sailing through 33 italian islands on board a strange ship less than 7m length.  Or his current project: “Sailing Bubbles” where, alongside his girlfriend, he has joined both passions

Lucio is collaborating with the project since the very beginning and has helped us with electronics, electricity and navigation software.


Paula Gonzalvo

Paula has her own project, Allende los Mares and we both together, collaborating, did create the proyect Stella Oceani

We upriver Guadiana and Guadalquivir rivers. We also traveled the miles that separate Canary Islands from the Peninsula.

We did a documentary about the CAP (Stella Oceani 1st Edition) which premiered during the 2018 Sail In Festival.Sail In Festival from 2018.

We recommend you to have a look at the CAP/Stella Oceani playlist on her YouTube channel:


Carlos Pauner

Carlos is 1 of the 4 spanish people who has already climbed the 14 eight thousand meter mountains. He came sailing on the Acrobat alongside his expedition mates Raúl and Fran.

We did organize an expedition, travelling through part of the old lands which long ago belonged to the Corona de Aragón. We taught them how to sail and they taught us how to climb a mountain, specifically Vesubio, Etna and spectacular Stromboli.

You can read our cabin boy stories about this adventure in his blog.


Carmen Meléndez

Carmen is an oceanographer developing a very beautiful project, which is also meant for scientific dissemination, Proyecto Farfalle . In this project she is bringing oceanographic science closer to the society in a participative way. She organizes guided tours where, amongst some other activities, you will be able to watch cetaceans or take plankton samples.

Carmen has joined us in several trips along the Canary Islands and we organized some joint activities in Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro.

In the following vídeo you can see Carmen speaking about spotted dolphins:


José Luis Costa

José Luis is an experimental physicist at the CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas)

We have shared many trips, he is always prepared to help and collaborate. As well as Carmen, he has joined us in several routes around the Canary Islands, actively participating in our informative talks and open days.

He speaks about nanotechnology and also performs the ROV sibiu NANO demos, as he is a member of Nido Robotics, one of our technologic partners.


Tania Montoto

Tania is a researcher working for theUniversity of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

We have collaborated in developing a microplastic sampler forMARCET, this project analyzes and studies the impact that microplastics has in Macaronesian cetaceans (Azores, Madeira, Selvagem, Canarias y Cabo Verde)  

She is also part of Ecologistas en Acción.


Celia González

Cèlia is a marine archaeologist.

We have shared several trips and she has take advantage of these trips to complete his thesis on Phoenicians navigation. You can read about it in our blog.

She has also participated in our activities, as an example in Cartagena she did a talk about phoenician navigation,

We are also proud to share our trips with people which can help the Captain, Diego, in improving his nautical and technical skills, as an example: 

Do yo want to be a part of our crew?

We don’t accept payments as we are not a charter agency. We share tasks while onboard and also share expenses related to the trip: food, beverages, mooring, fuel…

Si tienes un proyecto propio y crees que podemos colaborar, o eres médico, experto en electrónica y software, navegante experimentado o un profesional de la imágen y del sonido, puedes unirte a nosotros en alguna de nuestras travesías. Tan solo a cambio de compartir gastos del viaje y aportar tu trabajo, conocimientos y experiencia.

Si no tuvieras uno de estos perfiles también puedes navegar con nosotros ayudando con los gastos fijos que tiene el barco (seguro,varada anual, mantenimiento, reparaciones….). 

Contribution cannot be economic, as it is illegal for us to collect money for such activities, it must be a payment in kind, contributing with whatever is necessary in the boat: ropes, tools, oils, filters,… Compare it to the contribution you make when you assist at a wedding ceremony and you give a present to the couple. In this case you join a sailing trip and you make your own present to the boat.

We are waiting for you! 

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